Ready to tap into the stirrings of higher consciousness within?

Listen to the whispers of HER calling and fully awaken HER essence within you.

Over 20 female thought leaders share their experiences and wisdom about a new paradigm for a more collaborative and harmonised world through the reawakening and re-birthing the divine feminine within every woman (and man).

How to move beyond the limiting beliefs to not only enrich our lives, but enrich that of the future of this planet.

30th October - 5th November 2017

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What is the Summit: Re-birthing the Planet - One Woman at a Time?

This is a 7-day online summit during which 20 female leaders from around the world share wisdom and practical tools of how we can embody your feminine qualities more in order to fully awaken to all of who we are.

The Divine Feminine has nothing to do with being male or female. It is a quality that we desperately need to cultivate in a world that is governed by wounded masculine principals of aggression, competition and control.

The divine feminine is that pure creative essence of the universe, it is the Source Consciousness of All That Is, and All That May Be, it is a consciousness that promotes community, collaboration, compassion and so much more. It is time that we rebirth ourselves and reawaken our wholeness, so that we can reconnect to our divine origin in the physical form.

In this Summit, you will receive powerful transmissions from the Speakers, as well as tools and wisdom to inspire you back into your unique wholeness.

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Why should you attend the Summit?

Aside from the fact that…

  • You don’t have to travel anywhere…
  • Get free admission to this summit…
  • Join 20 amazing experts who share inspirations and powerful tools…

Here is why:

  • If you are feeling disconnected or fragmented on any level…
  • If you have this feeling that your life has the hidden potential for so much more…
  • If there are days you have this empty feeling, exhausted and stressed out…

If your soul is yearning for connection, compassion, collaboration and sisterhood…

  • If you have a yearning to feel safe within yourself…
  • If you have a yearning to feel sensual and charismatic…
  • If you have a desire to speak your truth from a place of authentic power…

If you have a yearning to break out of the prison of all conditioned fears, and rebirth yourself as the divine, graceful, inspired, sensual, unique, powerful, wild and wise woman that you are…


Using the chakras as reference points to journey through our whole being, we share how to:

Raise your level of consciousness, and to reconnect to your body, your sexual vibrancy, your power and self-worth, your compassion and self-love, your truth, your wisdom and ultimately your divine self and the purpose of why you are here.

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Featured Speakers

Meet the wise women who will share their experiences and inspire your re-birthing, so that you can stop aspiring to be something that you are not, and become who you truly are.

Day 1: Base Chakra Themes (30th October)

Day 2: Sacral Chakra Themes (31st October)

Day 3: Solar Plexus Themes (1st November)

Day 4: Heart / Life Force Chakra Themes (2nd November)

Day 5: Throat Chakra Themes (3rd November)

Day 6: Third Eye Chakra Themes (4th November)

Day 7: Crown Chakra Themes (5th November)


Hi, I’m Krystal Alexander-Hille. I am a Divine Feminine Embodiment Coach, author, facilitator and mother. I work with women who are already standing in their power, but are feeling fragmented; awakening women, female leaders and practitioners. I assist them to expand more deeply into their soul purpose, their passion and ultimately come back home into their wholeness and their unique feminine power.

To find out more about me and my work go to:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question not answered here?  Simply email!

  • Q.What is the “Rebirthing the Planet - One woman at a time” Summit?

    A.This is a 7-day, virtual event during which 20 expert in feminine leadership from around the world are going to share their insights, expertise and powerful tools with you!

  • Q.Do I have to travel to the Summit?

    A.No, you don’t! This summit is a virtual event, which means that there is no physical location for this conference. Rather, the free interviews will be streamed at the dates and times specified in the confirmation email. Anyone who has a free ticket to the event will receive access links via email to watch the broadcasts of the free interviews.

  • Q.Is this Summit really free?

    A.Anyone who has claimed their free ticket by opting in on this page will be sent links where they can access the free sessions with the speakers. These broadcasts will remain available for 24 hours whereupon they will be removed and be no longer accessible. Make sure you take note of the agenda, which you will find when you opt-in. That way you can schedule to attend the sessions that interest you the most!

    There is of course a way in which you can receive these powerful interviews and watch them in your own time. Claim your free ticket now to find out how.

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