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Re-Telling Tales: Reframing and Reclaiming the History that Binds You

With Divya Chandra

As we come into this new age of the feminine, negotiating old power structures and claiming our authentic place, it is crucial to examine and unearth the origins of where we lost our voice, place and power.

The first/root chakra connects us to our family/tribe of origin, our sense of security, ability to take risks, assert our freedom and so much more. It is not only the foundation of who we are, it is the source of what we become.

Join Divya Chandra as she shows you how to get to the root of “lack of...” in your life by examining  “your” history, with the ultimate goal to help you find your way to reclaim the gold of your past and reframe your narrative and role in a way that helps you create the future and life of your dreams.

Rise Sister Rise

With Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca’s workshop is based on her bestselling book Rise Sister Rise.

We will explore how to unleashing all the ways that we learnt to keep our power, wisdom and soul’s voice contained and restraint and reclaiming that power.

So many of us have learnt to be successful by making it in a man’s world and ignoring our feminine cyclic. And while this may have served us in the past, these patriarchal methods of survival cannot be sustained.

It’s time to awaken a new era sisterhood on this planet...

One where we draw our worth from deep within, rather than looking to the external world to decide it for us...

One where we lead from the intelligent, intuitive heart, one where we know who we are with conviction and devote our lives to live our lives in complete service to that...

One where we realise that the only way to heal the world around us is by firstly healing ourselves.
one where we rise each other up rather than cutting each other down, because alone, we are strong, but together, we are fierce.

Rebirthing and Reinventing our Sexual Identity

With Zoë Kors

As women, we play many roles: partners, wives, daughters, bosses, employees, mothers. We deliver, nurture, manage, and please. We are accomplished jugglers, master manifestors; we make things happen. To perform these many roles effectively, we contain, conform, and control our feelings, our words, our behavior. As a matter of survival we adapt to a culture that values our rational minds. In the process we become alienated from our innate, intuitive nature, often feeling unseen, unappreciated, and misunderstood. When we lose our sense of self in this way, we suffer in our relationships. We get angry; and we shut down. Our confidence takes a hit, along with our self-esteem, self-care, and our precious sex lives—the very thing that should be our source of power.

There are many things that shape our sexuality without us even realizing it. From the time we are young girls, we receive a constant stream of mixed messages about our sexuality. With all noise interfering, it’s nearly impossible to cultivate a healthy relationship with a very tender part of ourselves. We are given little context for our identities as sexual creatures. And yet, it is exactly this expression that spawns life and sustains humanity—lest we forget, the survival of the species depends on women wanting to have sex.

Through a sequence of guided meditation, breathwork, discussion, and partner work, we will reinvent our sexual identity, first by shifting the way we think about sex, and then reorient the way our body experiences pleasure. We will deconstruct our relationship with our sexuality, find the truths that we have internalized that don’t actually belong to us, and extract and release what stands in the way of our most authentic expression. We will rediscover our essential sensual nature and reinvent our relationship with our bodies as divining rods to the sacred feminine.

A Journey into Deep Heart Connection

With Zapheria Bell

Ecstatic Bliss Dance is a journey into deep Heart bliss and ecstatic flow in the body. In this workshop, we will move through the Masculine & Feminine Archetypes allowing them to come rest within your body in your own natural harmony.

Your Masculine taking the lead, holding your Feminine, allowing her to feel safe. She starts to melt, to surrender, to become pure flow. Your Feminine radiates and softens as she gives your Masculine the gift of her beauty, of her ability to be all of life. As both come to rest in your Heart your body comes to a place of Safety within.

Moving into the Heart we discover how to open to ourselves first, followed by deep Sisterhood connection. You will leave this session feeling a state of deep cellular bliss and Love for yourself and your Sisters.

Rebirthing a Chorus of One

With Lucinda Drayton. Group Facilitator / Musician / Counsellor (BACP accred) and Voice of A Hundred Thousand Angels

Discover the power of your true voice and develop a voice of compassion. The essential tool for sustainable change.

Who do you need to speak your truth to? Who do you feel in conflict with? What is your soul trying to express through you?

We can only speak with compassion to the world, if we have compassion, understanding and love towards ourselves. However, making sustainable life changes through compassion is not about letting oneself off the hook nor is it the denial of what needs to be faced and resolved. On the contrary, it is a courageous choice to face one’s fears and forge a new future. In order to develop this, we must befriend our inner demons, instead of chastising them and denying their very existence.

This workshop creates a safe space within the sisterhood to explore deep heart-felt communication and offers new tools and pathways for deep self-exploration so that you may compassionately share your voice, your message and truth with the world.

We will use visualisation, live music and voice-work to explore how to identify our inner demons, those darker parts of ourselves we often deny and try to hide even from ourselves, and how to befriend and transmute them and bring them together into one unified chorus, one voice, for it is the knowledge of all aspects of our ‘self’ that is the key to communicating our truth with power and compassion.

This arrival at a deeper self-knowledge leads to real self-acceptance and is a truly liberating feeling. But, more than this, it enables us to move beyond what is keeping us stuck in the same old patterns, thus giving us the prospect of a happier healthier future and to ensure we are safe, solid and kind facilitators for others.

Rebirth, Reclaim and Deepen Your Innate Intuitive Abilities

With Christine Agro

In this powerful third-eye workshop, Christine will lead us through the landscape of our inner power, helping us to tap into our innate intuitive abilities, expanding and deepening what we are already aware of, and focusing on reclaiming our connection to our Divine Higher Senses.

We will explore the different forms our intuition takes and how they relate to our physical senses. We will clear the energies that stop us from fully owning our Intuitive Abilities, which are part of our Divine Feminine rights. We will dive into a tune-up and activation of our higher senses and bring them in line with the present-time energies of today's Feminine Rising.

With an abundance of life-changing energy tools to share, Christine is a gifted teacher, known for her practical approach and acclaimed for making the inexplicable, explicable.

Even if you are already using your intuition on a daily basis, expect to walk away from this workshop with a new understanding of what you are BEING capable of, with a clearing and reprogramming of old, out of date energy, and with a new selection of finely honed energy tools to help support and empower you as you move into even deeper alignment with yourself and your journey.

Integration - Soul Purpose, Archetypes and the Way Forward

With Krystal Alexander-Hille

In the entire Universe, no one can do what you do.

This workshop brings it all together, everything that has unfolded and been revealed over the course of this Global Forum, and integrates it more deeply into your core BE-ing, bringing it in alignment with your unique soul purpose.

How will you show up in your life differently now, after deeper aligning with yourself with your unique message, after expanding your awareness and integrating your highest essence into your human body, after bringing all the fragmented parts of yourself back into wholeness?

How has your relationship to yourself changed?
How can you bring that depth of connection into your life, into your work, and into your relationships?

How can you continue to express and cultivate the power of sisterhood in your life, in the lives of others?


THURSDAY, 21st June 2018

Check in no later than 5pm

Opening Dinner

Opening Solstice Ceremony

Intention Setting, Inspirational Short Key-note Speeches and Concert by Lucinda Drayton (the Voice of Hundred Thousand Angels) accompanied by Marcus Cliffe.


FRIDAY 22nd June 2018


Optional Yoga on the Lawn and Meditation


Morning Workshop: Divya Chandra: Refraiming and Reclaiming the History that Binds You  - Base Chakra Theme


*Coaching Corners, Healing & Massage Spaces*

Afternoon Workshop: Rebecca Campbell - Rise Sister Rise - Solar Plexus Theme

Book Signings & Talking to the Speakers and Sisterhood Council about their Offerings


Q&A Forum: The future of the planet and our role and the role of sisterhood in it.

Open Mic Night


*these activities are in addition to the main program during the lunch and/or dinner time. Anyone can volunteer to be a coach, a healer, an intuitive or massage therapist.*

SATURDAY 23rd June 2018

Optional Yoga on the Lawn and Meditation


Morning Workshop: Zoë Kors: Rebirthing and Reinventing our Sexual Identity - Sacral Chakra theme


*Coaching Corners, Healing & Massage Spaces*

Afternoon Workshop: Zapheria Bell: An ecstatic dance journey into deep heart connection. Heart Chakra Theme


Evening Workshop: Lucinda Drayton - Rebirthing a Chorus of One - Throat Chakra Theme


SUNDAY 24th June 24th, 2018

Optional Yoga on the Lawn and Meditation


Morning Workshop: Christine Agro - Rebirth, Reclaim and Deepen Your Innate Intuitive Abilities - Third Eye Chakra Theme

*Facilitated Networking to find new collaborative partners for your business*

Afternoon Workshop: Krystal Alexander-Hille - Integration: Soul Purpose, Archetypes and the Way Forwards - Crown Chakra Theme

Closing Ceremony: Concert and Sharing

Closing Dinner

*** We reserve the right to change this program, should this become necessary for the better flow of the event.